As the leading voice in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples alcohol and other drug policy, NIDAC aims to reduce alcohol and other drug problems and associated harms in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities nationally.
NIDAC provides advice to government based on its collective expertise and experience, as well through consultation with those working in the field, various stakeholders  and relevant experts.
NIDAC’s role is to assist the ANCD in providing advice to government on a range of issues that impact on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and ways of addressing the serious drug and alcohol issues that exist for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.
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    The 2014 conference highlighted approaches that are working to reduce the harmful effects of alcohol and other drugs and its associated harms among Indigenous Australians.. Read more...
  • Reports
    NIDAC provides advice on alcohol and other drug issues affecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Read more...
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    NIDAC focuses on people in the justice system; fetal and infant health; funding for capacity building; and workforce and organisational development.  Read more...
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